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Instant calculation of domestic shipment prices

      We offer the best transportation prices thanks to special agreements with our partners


      01Where to calculate the cargo transportation cost throughout Ukraine?

      It will be most convenient to calculate the transportation cost on our website using the online calculator. To do this, you shall specify the peculiarities of the cargo, the shipping method (full container or transportation of groupage cargoes), the place of departure and destination. You will obtain an instant calculation within just a few seconds! There is no need to contact managers or provide a huge amount of information. 

      02What is the calculator of cargo transportation cost?

      The calculator of cargo transportation cost is a convenient online service that allows you to quickly calculate the transportation cost. You can get an instant calculation at any time of the day or night.  It is enough to provide basic information about the cargo, indicate the place of departure and destination, as well as the shipping method. You will find out if it will be profitable to import/export the goods just within a few seconds.

      03How quickly can I calculate the cargo transportation cost?

      The online calculator of cargo transportation cost on Olenich Group’s website allows to instantly determine the delivery cost. It is a convenient and easy-to-use service. The calculation doesn’t require to contact managers or carry out complex computational operations. It is enough to enter the cargo name, its classification rating and approximate weight, place of departure and destination, and wait a few seconds.

      04How can I reach you?

      You can order cargo delivery online. It doesn't matter what country or region you are in: we work with senders all over the world. In order to place an order for transportation, you need to fill in an online form on Olenich Group’s website. We will contact you as quickly as possible and tell you in detail about the peculiarities of transportation. You can also contact our company on the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section.

      • The preliminary calculation of cargo transportation is important for both parties to be satisfied with cooperation. Calculation of cargo transportation cost allows you to understand how profitable it is to buy and sell the specific goods, since the delivery is one of the significant expense items that form the price of the goods. 

        Olenich Group has developed a convenient calculator of cargo transportation cost throughout Ukraine and abroad. The service is extremely easy to use, and it allows to make an instant calculation!

        What forms the cost of transportation

        Calculation of cargo transportation throughout Ukraine is carried out individually, based on the peculiarities of the cargo. The price depends on several aspects:

        Complexity of the route. It is one of the main factors that affect the cost of transportation. Tariff rates may vary within a city, region or country. This refers both to the country of origin and the country of destination. They many take account of return delivery and shipment of groupage cargoes. The price for groupage cargoes is based on the number of senders and the peculiarities of the goods.

        Choice of transportation mode. Sea transport is several times cheaper than motor or air transport, but shipping by sea takes much more time.

        Vehicle maintenance and repair costs. This includes the cost of fuel, servicing, vehicle wear factor and other technical characteristics. In addition to that, forwarding and protection of cargo shall be taken into account, as well as the type of cargo to be transported, as different types of cargoes demand different conditions of transportation and type of vehicle, such as refrigerators, flat rack containers, tautliners, tank cisterns, etc. Transportation of dangerous cargoes involves not only special vehicles, but also drivers with the relevant experience, as well as transportation permits. Besides, cargo loading and unloading services shall be taken into account, if they are provided for by the transportation contract. Moreover, calculation of cargo transportation is influenced by the costs of execution of customs documents, accompanying documents, permits, costs of packaging materials and warehouse services.

      • Olenich Group’s calculator of cargo transportation cost

        The preliminary calculation of the delivery cost becomes a guarantee of successful cooperation, therefore we have created a simple and handy service for determination of the most accurate delivery cost. We offer an instant calculation of cargo transportation throughout Ukraine and abroad using a convenient online calculator. In order to use it, you need to know the type of cargo, dimensions and weight: either up to 5 tons, 5-10 tons or over 10 tons. It is required to indicate the shipping method: full or partial, as well as to select the body type (curtain-sided or solid metal) and documents (CMR or Carnet TIR). 

        Calculation of cargo transportation is also affected by the route, that’s why it is required to indicate the place of departure and destination. If the cargo exceeds the mentioned parameters or it is difficult to calculate the price by yourself, contact Olenich Group by phone – and we will help you to cope with everything! 

        How is cargo transportation carried out?

        After the tariff rates for transportation are agreed upon, we prepare the goods for shipment: we weigh, pack and draw up the relevant documents, such as the contract, consignment notes, accompanying documents. The cost may include additional services, such as courier, unloading, etc. Olenich Group arranges the entire delivery process from loading to unloading at the place of destination!

        We select the best transport mode to ship the cargo in accordance with its shape, weight and dimensions. It can be a truck with a curtain-sided or metal body, a refrigerator, flat rack containers, sea and air transport. We carry out container shipping in tank containers, flat rack containers and open top structures, we perform calculation of cargo transportation throughout Ukraine and abroad. We inform about the transportation conditions, transport arrival and other details, we develop a convenient and safe route, so the cargo is always delivered on time and without delay. 

        We provide reports on the works performed, and in addition, we take on other tasks related to logistics, for example, drawing up of documents and assistance in obtaining insurance. We provide a full range of logistics services and guarantee fast and safe delivery. We use modern types of transport, which are equipped for transportation of various goods, including oversized, bulk, dangerous and those that require special temperature conditions.

        Cargo transportation cost is calculated individually for each client. It depends on the peculiarities of the cargo, route and other features. For instant calculation of the delivery cost, it is handy to use the calculator of cargo transportation cost on Olenich Group’s website. It is an easy-to-use service that allows to find out the transportation cost only within a few seconds. If you can’t determine the price by yourself due to certain peculiarities of the goods, contact us and we will solve this problem!