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International LCL and LTL shipments of both imported and exported cargoes

We offer less-than-container load (LCL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments of imported and exported goods to provide the most optimal solution to business needs of our customers.

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01What type of groupage cargoes shipment to choose – LCL or LTL?

There are two methods of transportation of groupage cargoes - LCL and LTL, that is delivery in a container or by truck. The choice of one of them depends on the size, class of goods and the country of destination. It is better to choose LTL shipment for delivery of goods to European countries, and LCL shipment for importation of goods from China and other distant countries. The metal structure will reliably protect the goods under any circumstances, and any oversized or combined cargo can be moved to another transport mode right in the container.

02In which countries LCL and LTL shipment is carried out?

Olenich Group arranges delivery of various types of cargo all over the world. You can order transportation across Europe and to Asian countries, as well as delivery of imported goods to Ukraine. LCL and LTL shipments are carried out by sea, rail, air and motor transport. Just fill in the form on our website, and our managers will choose the best delivery option for you! 

03How can I contact you?

You can order transportation services from Olenich Group on our website. In order to do that, you shall fill in the online form or call on the phone number specified on the Contacts page. We will be happy to give consultations on transportation, execution of accompanying documents, and quickly place an order for delivery. Our company is eager to discuss different shipment options to make you satisfied with the result.

04What is needed to start cooperation and to ship groupage cargo?

The main thing in arranging the delivery is to determine all the details related to cargo transportation. It is necessary to specify the class of goods, its weight, size and other peculiarities, as well as the country of destination. This data will help to determine the most optimal route and cost of transportation. For placing the order, enter the information and phone number into the online form on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss all the details.
  • International shipment of groupage cargoes is a cost-effective solution for delivery of small goods. Owning to the fact that the container or the truck is completely filled with parcels, the cost is significantly reduced, as you pay only for the space that your cargo occupies.

    Olenich Group provides logistics services including formation of groupage cargoes, delivery to any country, consultations on transportation issues, cargo insurance and customs brokerage services. Delivery of any cargo with us will be quick and trouble-free!

    Fast delivery of goods anywhere in the world!
    International shipment of groupage cargoes is a method of delivery of small-sized goods in one and the same vehicle, which gains more and more popularity with every passing year. This type of transportation is especially actual when one need to deliver goods with the volume less than 13 m³. In peak season, transportation of groupage cargo enables delivering goods to another country faster than in a separate container or truck.
    Olenich Group carries out international shipment of groupage cargoes in two ways:

    • LCL shipments (Less than Container Load) – transportation of small parcels from different customers in one container under one document.
    • LTL shipments (Less than Truck Load) – loading of motor vehicles with small parcels from several senders.

    This method of transportation allows significant savings, since delivery costs are shared among all the senders. There is no need to rent a truck by yourself or pay for the entire container. It is also worth choosing LCL shipments if the goods takes up more than one container, but less than two, as you can ship the rest of the goods by LCL delivery. If goods from different countries has a single destination, LTL shipments allow you to form one parcel at a certain point on the route and then deliver it to the address.

    How are LCL shipments carried out?
    First, we form a groupage cargo from all the goods with similar characteristics, then it is checked and prepared for shipment. The goods is loaded in a container onto a transport carrier- sea, road, rail or air. The container is sealed, which guarantees the safety of transportation. Upon arrival at the destination, the cargo is divided into parcels.
    With the aid of LCL delivery, we can ship cargoes by several modes of transport: for example, first by sea vessel, and then move it to the motor or railway transport.
 It is very convenient since you do not need to open the container to move the goods.

    The cost of transportation depends on the weight and size of the cargo, as well as local costs, but this method of delivery is prohibited for transportation of flammable, explosive or chemical substances, excisable goods and perishable products.

  • How are LTL shipments carried out?
    LTL delivery is a fast and convenient method of transportation of small batches of goods in a truck, which is often chosen for the delivery of imported cargoes from European countries. The cargo weight usually varies from 75 kg to several tons. The parcels arrive for arrangement, where they are packed, labeled and loaded into a truck by us. In order to avoid obstacles during delivery, we preliminarily develop a route, and track the truck movement using GPS navigation.

    LTL shipments mustn’t be used to deliver goods without appropriate packaging and bulk cargoes.

    How is the delivery of groupage imported cargoes and of exported cargoes carried out?
    Olenich Group arranges international shipment of groupage cargoes from Europe, Asia and America, as well as delivers goods from Ukraine to any corner of the world. We select the appropriate transport mode and container type for each type of cargo, for example, a refrigerator, a truck with a metal or curtain-sided body, open top and flat rack containers.
    We are engaged in loading and unloading goods at ports or railway stations, we develop the best route to avoid delays and problems on the way. Оverseas transportation is carried out only by proven and reliable routes, that’s why we guarantee safe and fast delivery. We forward cargoes from Ukraine by sea through Odesa, Yuzhniy and Chornomorsk ports.
    In addition, we provide advisory services on cargo transportation issues, which allows to reduce the time spent at the customs and possible risks. For the successful border crossing, we help with execution of accompanying documentation and provide customs brokerage services. We offer cargo insurance at the best insurance companies in Ukraine and abroad, which will allow you not to worry about damage to the goods and the reliability of delivery.

    Shipment of groupage cargoes is the best way to deliver small batches of goods, which saves time and money. Olenich Group arranges LCL and LTL delivery to any country. We select the optimal route and mode of transport, provide regular reports and help with execution of documents. Working with us, you will save time and money for solving other important issues!