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Customs brokerage services

Our goal is to turn international freight transportation operations into a minimal process where so that you gain the maximum results, thus freeing your time, which you can devote to higher-priority business matters. Our company offers customs brokerage services in Odesa, Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi (TIS).

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01Who is customs broker?

A customs broker is a person who is an intermediary between the state customs authorities and legal entities or individuals who need to clear imported and exported cargoes. The customs broker makes the procedure of passing through customs control easy and understandable. If you do not understand the intricacies of international shipping paperwork, do not know the legal part of this issue, the customs broker will help you to cope with all this and avoid mistakes.

02What kind of services are provided by the customs brokerage?

The customs brokerage helps to draw up cargo import/export documents documents, obtain the necessary permits and certificates, fill in the accompanying documents; gives consultations on execution of customs documents, such as declarations, preliminary reports, applications, etc.; prepares documentation for submission at the customs, opens electronic keys and obtains certificates for accreditation of the company as an entity engaged in foreign economic activities.

03Do the customs brokerage services really facilitate the processing?

Yes, they do. Making use of the customs brokerage services, you can significantly reduce the time for execution of customs documentation. Olenich Group’s customs broker easily understands the nuances of drawing up contracts, cost estimates and obtaining permits. He will help you to avoid mistakes in the documentation, which could cause delays at the customs. Indeed, even due to a minor mistake or the absence of one document, the cargo may not be allowed to cross the border.

04How can I reach you?

You can order customs brokerage services on Olenich Group’s website. You can just fill in an online form, indicating your email and phone number, and wait for a call from our manager. You can also contact our company by yourself on the phone numbers listed in the Contacts section. We will be happy to provide answers to all your questions regarding international shipping.

  • Involvement of Olenich Group customs broker is a guarantee of quick and successful passage through customs control!

    Perhaps, the most difficult stage in arrangement of international shipment is particularly customs clearance. This is a rather lingering and time-consuming process that requires a lot of attention and knowledge in jurisprudence. As a result of incorrect completion of documents or lack of some kind of certificate, the whole batch of goods may be not allowed to pass. We provide professional customs brokerage services so that you could be sure that your cargo will cross the border without any obstacles and head straight for destination. The customs brokerage will help to resolve the most complicated situations!

    What do customs brokerage services include?

    Delivery speed considerably depends on prompt execution of cargo documentation. Passing through customs control is one of the most difficult stages, which requires preparation of appropriate permits, certificates, consignment notes and declarations. It is difficult to understand the intricacies of drawing up on your own, and incorrectly completed documents can cause a delay at the border and exaction of penalties. Such delays negatively affect the conduct of business, as the agreements are violated, and the partner cannot receive the goods in time.

    Olenich Group customs brokerage will help you to obtain permits required for customs clearance: we define a list of permits for certification of a specific product, submit requests to the relevant authorities and provide all the documentation required for unhindered cargo transportation. We help to collect import permits, product certificates, fill in CMR, TTN, CARNET TIR and other documents.

    A сustoms brokerage specialist will consult on customs registration of declarations and previous messages, completion of accompanying documents in accordance with the established requirements, including contract, invoice, etc. He will calculate the amount of customs charges, in particular, for customs clearance of cargoes, make expenditure estimates for the cargo.
    Customs brokerage services also include accreditation of the company at the customs as an entity engaged in foreign economic activities. We prepare documents for submission at the customs – we draw up applications, open electronic keys and obtain certificates. Olenich Group provides support at every stage of company registration, helps to draw up FEA agreements in accordance with legislation amendments, prepares contracts and provides consultations on legal issues related to the company’s activities in the foreign market.

  • How is customs clearance of imported and exported cargoes carried out?

    A сustoms brokerage specialist helps with customs clearance of imported and exported cargoes. Сustoms clearance of imports includes regular consultations, preparation of documents, obtaining permits and other documents, calculation and payment of charges, clearance of goods and delivery to the consignee. During customs clearance of exports, a сustoms brokerage specialist helps to draw up an export contract, determine a commodity classification for foreign economic activity, obtain permits, arrange shipment and return VAT.

    We provide customs brokerage services for prompt customs clearance and transportation of any goods: electronics, food, clothing, household chemicals, medical and industrial equipment, cultural property and other goods.

    For successful passage through customs control, it is required to submit basic information about the cargo to Olenich Group:

    • a detailed description of the cargo and all its elements – name, origin, quantity, etc.;
    • cargo dimensions, total weight and batch size;
    • available accompanying documents drawn up in the place where the goods was purchased and packed;
    • additional documentation based on the peculiarities of the cargo.

    Advantages of Olenich Group customs brokerage services

    We provide customs brokerage services in Odesa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhniy, which will save time and money on exportation or importation of goods. We control the entire process of passing through customs control, that’s why the customs officers will not be able to raise the purchase price of the cargo, which could create additional costs.

    We are looking for ways to minimize the expenses during customs clearance and reduce delivery time, we work with different types of cargoes, regardless of the size or hazard class. We continuously monitor legislation amendments, so all the documents will be drawn up in accordance with the valid norms and regulations!

    The сustoms brokerage specialist uses innovative technologies and efficient schemes in his work, which allows to easily perform customs clearance of the cargo and establish communication between the customer and the inspector, so we guarantee quick execution of documents and the best result.

    Such cooperation will minimize all the possible problems at the customs, save your time and money. We provide customs brokerage services in Odesa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhniy, we help to clear any type of goods and resolve the most complicated situations!